Year: 2018

Enterprise Architecture is NOT dead

The death of Enterprise Architecture is grossly exaggerated.  Some would have us believe that it is no longer needed, where on-the-fly approaches are inaccurately disguised as ‘Agile’ thinking and claimed to produce superior results compared to sound enterprise planning.  No.  Business process management, data management, application portfolio management and to a lesser extent technology still […]

Data Models

Why do we encourage the creation, documentation and distribution of data models? From the perspective of a business user that does their daily job in areas such as customer service or operational support, they don’t care how the data is designed they just use the tools and expect it to work. If that is the […]

Craftsmanship, Science, or Commodity?

Now in my third decade of professional servitude to the Information Age, I look back with both fondness and sadness to the experiences, opportunities, accomplishments, and failures that I have been involved in or have observed from near and afar. Patterns which become evident over time and across domains can be enlightening, concerning and amusing […]