Is the cost of privacy too high?

Is the cost of privacy too high?

We struggle daily, trying to protect our privacy and our right to privacy, and for those of us in the tech industry we are also committed and trusted to protect the privacy of others. We have witnessed the consequences of those that chose to exploit opportunities of access to information. The quick rise of free […]

Happy New Year!

New year, new decade, new challenges, bring it on! Happy new year everyone! The 70’s brought (me) minis and micros, dialup bbs’s, ieee and byte magazine. 80’s brought PC’s, x.25 and serial networks, and timeshare. 90’s brought internet, PDA’s, the power of simulation, HTML, mosaic, Usenet everywhere, ITIL, Y2K, and search engines. 00’s brought SCADA […]

Maturity Model

When you search the internet you will find many different maturity models to choose from, searching on terms such as ‘Data Management Maturity Assessment’ or ‘Corporate Maturity Model’. All are essentially providing similar paths to identify the existing characteristics of your team or organization, and are identifying actionable objectives to move forward. What level does […]

Enterprise Architecture is NOT dead

The death of Enterprise Architecture is grossly exaggerated.  Some would have us believe that it is no longer needed, where on-the-fly approaches are inaccurately disguised as ‘Agile’ thinking and claimed to produce superior results compared to sound enterprise planning.  No.  Business process management, data management, application portfolio management and to a lesser extent technology still […]

Data Models

Why do we encourage the creation, documentation and distribution of data models? From the perspective of a business user that does their daily job in areas such as customer service or operational support, they don’t care how the data is designed they just use the tools and expect it to work. If that is the […]

Craftsmanship, Science, or Commodity?

Now in my third decade of professional servitude to the Information Age, I look back with both fondness and sadness to the experiences, opportunities, accomplishments, and failures that I have been involved in or have observed from near and afar. Patterns which become evident over time and across domains can be enlightening, concerning and amusing […]

The Many Faces of Data Management

‘Data Management’ is a term often used with very different meaning within an organization. Examples include: to describe someone that receives a call and updates customer information; a team that provides data to automated systems; or a person working with the Enterprise Architect to design data usage. The diagram below illustrates the usual functions within […]

Data Value Chain

An example of how enterprise data moves through the organization from creation to use both within the business unit (primary purpose of the software application that works with the data) through to additional usages such as external reporting, dashboards, or alerts. The value chain specific to a business unit or line of business (often called […]

‘Low hanging fruit’ warning sign.

Occasionally I cross paths with folks that announce their approach to work or life is to pursue the ‘low hanging fruit’. In a business meeting, anyone using this term quickly identifies themselves as parasites — they expect others to put effort in so that they can reap the rewards. Or what may be worse, they […]

Why buy it for $20 when you can build it for $50?

If you are going to move on quickly, planning of selling the business or leaping to a different role or company (or selling the house), then perhaps the easiest path is for you.  The technical debt accumulated is not your problem.  If you want a solid business (or home) that you can be proud of […]