Operations Manual

Operations Manual

Many years ago I wrote an IT Operations manual which basically covered everything that kept me up at night, er I mean what I was responsible for.   I’ve reused it a few times over the years and have had requests for it from former colleagues; thought perhaps I should make it publicly available. This isn’t […]

Customer Service?

Customer service used to be about providing the best solution you could for your customer. The best value for their dollar. You want repeat business, and you don’t want a bad reputation. Most of all, you want to know that you’ve dealt with them honestly.  We all know it costs more to bring customers back […]

Hello World!

I figure I’ve been playing and working with computers for some 33 years now, about time I set up a blog and started keeping public notes about some of the issues and fun I’ve been experiencing.  If you’re bored with this, go away.  If you’re looking for a consultant, maybe knowing something about me will […]